About Us

Freshly-Dried is dedicated to dried Fruits, Vegetables & Seafood for nutrition with natural flavors.

Freshly-Dried™ products are made by taking advantage of the proven attributes of fruit, vegetables and seafood. While it is best to eat fresh it, that is not always convenient nor practical because of seasonal variability or ease of handling. In order to ‘capture’ the full nutritional value of fresh fruit, it is best to allow natural maturity to take place, and then promptly dehydrated it at the peak of ripeness. Dehydrated virtually stops natural degradation and preserves the beneficial nutrients and nutraceutical compounds present in ripe fruit.

These fresh dehydrated products can then be ‘powder dried’ – a process that removes ONLY the water from the fruit by using low temperatures and pressure. This process concentrates the full nutritional value of fresh products a small volume that does not require refrigeration, while preserving nature’s premium flavor without additives.

It is a scientific fact that it is far more beneficial for our bodies to eat whole fruits to obtain their rich source of nutrients, rather than taking extracted individual nutrients in a supplemental form. Many minerals, vitamins, and nutraceuticals have a synergistic effect upon each other (meaning the potency of one increased in the presence of another). The various chemical substances naturally present in this products have a higher biological availability and usefulness when they are present together rather than separately. This fact is what underscores the ‘eat a balanced diet’ principle.

Freshly-Dried™ offers dried products, made from whole natural and fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood, which can be shipped directly to your home.

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