What our Clients Say


I have been using the products that i received on previous order. They are awesome! You captured the Natural Freshness in your products!. You are providing invaluable services to us-your customers. keep up with good work.”

Vrajlal R., California

“My daughter mix it with ice cream, She loves it. Thank you FreshlyDried.”

Sharon F., New York


“Delicious!!!! It is perfect that I can add sugar to it to my own taste!”

Karen F., New York


“Great fresh taste. Easy to make!”

Ashley K., Canada

“Love the powders i ordered! could you please let me know when you get pineapple and banana powders available? Would love some! Thanks.”

Jim H., Canada

“Hi guys great products & prices. Thank you

Bruce L., Australia


“So fresh! So tropical! At last a true natural fruit that won't go to waste like other fruits that have gone bad in my refrigerator.”

Edison R., New Jersey


“I'm happy to have found this website! Guava fruit is hard to get anywhere. Tastes great!
Thank you for offering this product!”

Susan S., Illinois


“I won't need to travel far anymore to get mango fruit. This is very convenient! Thank you for making this product available. I will check out your other fruit powders.

Stroudsburg., Pennsylvania

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