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Freshly Lose Weight*

Contains no artificial flavors or sweeteners.

Suggested serving tips:

For juice: Mix 3 tablespoon of Lose Weight Powder for 1 cup of water and add honey to taste. Serving per bag 5.

This product contains four ingredients whose benefits are:


The benefits that aloe vera exerts on the skin are recognized all over the world, for this reason its gel is used in a great quantity of products for the care of both the skin and the hair, since this plant has great moisturizing properties, Oxygenates and strengthens skin cells, which helps with flexibility and rejuvenation. However, its benefits go much further ...

• Aloe vera is a powerful antioxidant that has the ability to fight cancer, especially the colon.

• It can reduce or completely relieve internal and, of course, external inflammation.

• Provides oxygen to the blood and energy to the cells, repairs and moisturizes the skin tissues, making it look much smoother and younger.

• This wonderful plant has the ability to cure many digestive problems, such as constipation, irritable bowel, gastric reflux, among others.

• It has the ability to improve blood circulation, which is very important in reducing cardiovascular disease and strokes.

• It can help control blood pressure and improve or stabilize triglyceride levels.



• Protect Your Brain: Cucumbers contain an anti-inflammatory flavonol called fisetin that appears to play an important role in brain health. In addition to improving their memory and protecting their nerve cells from age-related deterioration, fisetin has been found to prevent progressive deterioration of memory and learning in Alzheimer's mice.

• Reduce Your Cancer Risk: Cucumbers contain polyphenols called lignans (pinoresinol, lariciresinol, and secoisolariciresinol), which may help reduce your risk of breast, uterine, ovary, and prostate cancer. They also contain phytonutrients called cucurbitacins, which also have anticancer properties.

• Reinforces Heart Health: Cucumbers contain potassium, which is related to the reduction of blood pressure. An appropriate balance of potassium both outside and inside the cells is crucial for your body to function properly.


Pineapple is an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese. It’s a very good source of vitamin B1. It’s a good source of vitamin B6, copper, magnesium, and dietary fiber. Bromelain is is a proteolytic enzyme (enzymes that digest protein) found in pineapple, and to a greater extent in pineapple stems.

Pineapple is a digestive aid and a Natural Anti-Inflammatory fruit. A group of sulfur-containing proteolytic enzymes in pineapple aid digestion. Fresh pineapples are rich in bromelain. Bromelain has demonstrated significant anti-inflammatory effects, reducing swelling in inflammatory conditions such as acute sinusitis, sore throat, arthritis and gout, and speeding recovery from injuries and surgery. Pineapple should be eaten alone between meals.


  • Rheumatoid arthritis: Pineapple enzymes have been used with success to treat rheumatoid arthritis and to speed tissue repair as a result of injuries, diabetic ulcers and general surgery. Pineapple reduces blood clotting and helps remove plaque from arterial walls. Studies suggest that pineapple enzymes may improve circulation in those with narrowed arteries, such as angina sufferers.
  • Bronquitis: Pineapples are used to help cure bronquitis and throat infections. It is efficient in the treatment of arterioscleroses and anaemia.
  • Loss of memory: Pineapple is an excellent cerebral toner; it combats loss of memory, sadness and melancholy.
  • Pineapple Strengthens Bones: Pineapple helps to build healthy bones. Pineapples are rich in manganese and just one cup of pineapple provides 73% of the daily recommended amount of manganese. This aids the growth of bones in young people and the strengthening of bones in older people.
  • Pineapple is good for your gums: Due to its high vitamin C content, pineapples are good for your oral health as well. Vitamin C can reduce your risk of gingivitis and periodontal disease. Vitamin C also increases the body's ability to fight invading bacteria and other toxins that contribute to gum disease.
  • Heart conditions: Pineapple has been thought good for heart conditions and indeed should not be used by people with haemophilia or by those with diseases of the kidneys and liver. This is because it seems to reduce the time taken to coagulate the blood - which is why it can be useful for heart patients.
  • Painful periods women: Pineapple could be useful for women suffering from painful periods. Choose ripe fruits of good colour for pineapples do not become sweeter on storage if they are picked green. This is because the starch in the stem is taken up into the fruit and converted to sugar only at the final stage of ripening.
  • Eye health: Pineapple has been shown to be important in maintaining good eye health and helping to protect against age-related eye problems. There are even some beneficial molecules hidden in the stems of pineapples. These molecules have been seen to act as a defense against certain types of cancer.


The health benefits of apple include digestion, stomach disorders, anemia, weakness, dental care, dysentery, heart disease, rheumatism, eye disorders, cancer, gout, and skin care. Apples can be eaten raw directly or through a variety of dishes such as fruit salads and custards.


  • Digestion: Apples being rich in fiber help in digestion. Regular consumption of apples ensures smooth bowel movements and helps in preventing constipation and stomach disorders.
  • Anemia: Apples are useful in treating anemia as it is rich in apples. Anemia is the deficiency of hemoglobin in the blood which can increased with the intake of iron rich diet such as apples.
  • Weakness: Apples are known to remove weakness and add vigor and vitality of weak people. It is, therefore, often given to patients to help them recover fast from their illness. If you want to gain weight, apple should be a part of your diet daily. It also helps in detoxifying the body and improve the overall health.
  • Dental Care: Eating apples helps in cleaning teeth and gum. It reduces the incidence of cavities in teeth. When you eat apples, the fiber in it cleanses the teeth, while the antiviral properties of the fruit keep bacteria and virus away.
  • Heart Disease: Apple lowers the level of cholesterol and hence it is beneficial for the heart.
  • Rheumatism: Patients who are suffering from rheumatism find apples very useful as it aids in the healing process.
  • Eye Disorders: Apples are believed to make the eyes strong and improve eye-sight. It also helps in treating night blindness.
  • Skin Care: Pastes of apple and honey, and apple and milk when applied on the skin increase it shine and glow.

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